Mine is a journey that started from the outward to the inward as most of our stories are. I was an introvert all my life, afraid to get hurt at the first rejection, hence adept at hiding my feelings from the world and family.This actually helped in my career as I spent most of my time indoors, giving my full attention to my studies but keeping me away socially and most important from the greatest gift anyone can have the miracle called LIFE.
Thus high on a career but still low on confidence I went on living my life without really enjoying the essence of it, until love hit me from unexpected quarters and turned me into the confident, fearless person wanting to enjoy every moment of it instead of just being robotic about it. So join me in my journey as I share my pearls of wisdom with you, so you can learn from my mistakes and get the blueprint on life. Kindly leave a comment and share your experiences as we cruise along life.