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What You Need To Know In Case of Termites Invasion

Frass is the correct word for termite droppings. Many home owners do not know what termite droppings look like and often overlook it thinking it is sawdust. Knowing termite droppings look like could save you a lot of your money all your house. 

As a home owner you should be worried when you come across termites in your house. Knowing the infestation of termites earlier could do you a lot of good. So am going to take you through the ways that will help you identify a termite infestation.

When you see worm like tunnels running up the walls of your house or foundations, know that there is a probable termite infestation. This insects are usually attracted to damp environments especially tunnels and basements. 

You will often discover termites in basements or they come from them. This tunnels you will see on you structures are built from termite droppings.

Termite droppings are different from sawdust if you know how to differentiate them. The first significant difference is their shape. You will need magnifying glasses to notice the difference if your sight is not very good. 

Termite droppings look like granular balls that vary in color. Some exhibit a dark coffee like color and some are lighter in color. On the other side, saw-dust looks like minute chips and shavings and there is no difference in its color.

It is hard for human beings and other predators to detect presence of termites as they normally burrow into wood. 

This is their survival tactic and it protects them from predators that could find them on open surface. This is what makes it difficult to know a probable infestation of termites unless you are aware of the signs. Termites are fond of a clean environment. 

They love their colonies tidy. This is our ease. Why? When their habitats are full of their excrement, they will burrow a hole through the wood to the outside so as to be able to get rid of these termite droppings. This is our only optical sign of an infestation.

When you see termite droppings, you should be aware that they are eating up your house probably and you should seek professional help. 

The professional would help you know how severe the infestation is, the damage that has already been caused and of course advise you on the way forward; most pest control experts would do an inspection free of charge. But if you are well versed with this area you can carry out the inspection yourself.

If you have found termite droppings but you are still not sure that it is what we are looking for, here is are extra sign. Adult termites develop wings but discard them at the long run. This is a good sign that often remain unnoticed by many. 

Flying adult termites are known as swarmers. When these swarmers get to their anticipated destination they discard these wings. If this targeted area is still within your home, then these wings should be visible there.

These discarded wings are small in size but still detectable. You will find them in pairs that are identical. Look on the window sills, any spider webs and on floors. 

If you see termite droppings and their wings at the same place you can use a screwdriver to test if that is your infested area Use the screwdriver to tap wood and if you hear a hollow like noise when you hit the wood softly then know that they have eaten up the wood to a considerable extent.

Some other type of termites called subterranean termites do not leave there excrement behind. The tubes or tunnels built by these types of termites are the equivalent to the termite droppings we have been taking about. 

Subterranean termite droppings are different to the other termite droppings because of the different food they consume. The dry wood ones prefer dry wood, which is why their droppings look like tiny coffee balls that you often confuse for saw dust.

Termites have a biological benefit to nature. By feeding on cellulose; they help speed up the decaying process of wood so as to give space for new trees to grow. 

This apart from having biological benefits can cause a house to fall. In some African communities termite droppings have a dietary value as they are rich in magnesium.

You now know how to spot termite droppings and their wings. Do not let your house fall.

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